Who am I?

I’m Jordan Schneider, host of ChinaTalk podcast, China tech analyst at The Rhodium Group, and an adjunct fellow at the American think tank CNAS. In this newsletter, I translate and analyze primary-language sources on US-China and China's tech ecosystem.

A more sophisticated understanding of China’s tech scene is important for global stability as countries continue to grapple with the impact technology has on the modern world.

In recent months, as US-China relations have soured, I’ve branched out from straight tech coverage to look more broadly at political economy and US-China politics, aiming to base my work on Chinese-language material.

I was caught outside of China when COVID broke and stayed too long outside the country. I’m now based in New York for the foreseeable future.


“I like it.” —National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan

“The podcast is my go-to Peloton listen.” National Security Advisor HR McMaster

Previously, I worked at Kwai, Bridgewater, and the Eurasia Group. I have a master’s in economics from PKU’s Yenching Academy, and a BA in history from Yale.

I also had a bad concussion a few years back and wrote about it here.

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