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Oct 4, 2022·edited Oct 4, 2022

Also, I think, during wartime or quasi wartime, AI will greatly enable simultaneous big-small or wholesale-retail fighting in operations terms (big-little is already a trademark of ARM cpus!). Also, while old school war is event driven (at human time scale with some human pauses), AI will be persistent in time every second for years. There will be Simultaneous fighting/pressure at all spectrums: physical and temporal.

We see some of that in Ukraine: the big is obvious: old skool warfighting: maneuvers, supplies, fitting tactics into strategy, fronts, troop sizing etc etc. That big/macro stuff absorbs the bulk of military attention and time, however, the "small/micro" warfighting (which would be equally prize worthy in the battle) would be AI driven from remote onshore/homeland based data centers engaged in tasks like:

1) following the opposing military high commands whereabouts 24/7 person by person. with the explicit aim of "taking them out" at vulnerable moments when they step outside in the battlefield or are far from defenses. (Either by robot, drone, or missile).

2) keeping persistent watch on supply choke points, waiting..poaching...for moments of low guard presence to "take those out" too.

etc etc.

3) civilian morale targeting.

It's all nasty stuff. The nasty stuff is mankinds future. It gets darker. The CEOs of these companies are commensurately egotistical and commensurately psychopathic as well. I always say "On the 8th day, Satan invented the transistor."

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