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"Don't Look Up"

If it was supposed to be about "climate change", then the ending would have to be that the comet would miss the planet earth by more than a million miles. After many, many years of investigations, it would be painstakingly proved that every scientist involved was so enthralled with the sensationalism of it all that they fudged their orbital calculations. If you don't believe me, just go look at the "Arctic Ice Extent" website today ....which is reporting that, despite model after model predicting that the arctic ice cap would be totally melted today, it is actually larger right now than it has been since 2009.

Oh, but if it was supposed to be about "the pandemic", then in fact the comet would make a direct hit, but the measurements of its size would have been totally blown out of proportion, the actual comet, tiny in size, would break into pieces and burn up completely in the atmosphere, and only affect marginally the lives of a very few islanders in the Pacific....there again, it is already coming apparent that the entire world has been sold a bill of goods by a lot of tacky petty tyrants who were able to purchase cheap synthetic material white coats made in China, and strut around calling themselves "experts", and terrorize everybody about grossly inflated claims of danger from an illness that actually does scarcely more harm than the common cold.....while the USA pharmaceutical companies plundered everyone with their placebo jabs.

So I enjoyed the movie, appreciating that it was just the latest in an old Hollywood tradition of farcical comedies about the end of the world......

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