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Get a grip!

1. Li was a junior Ophthalmologist at a Wuhan hospital.

2. Li overheard an unfounded rumor that SARS had broken out again.

3. Li did not inform the CDC who, unbeknownst to him, were already investigating it.

4. Instead, Li used social media to repeat the rumor to family and friends and they told their friends….

5. Li was wrong professionally: it was not SARS, as he asserted in his tweets.

6. Li was wrong legally: spreading rumors Publicly that are likely to cause panic is illegal.

7. Li was not convicted of anything. After an hour of questioning the police concluded that he had merely acted irresponsibly and he was allowed to return to work.

8. The US, which has been waging bio warfare on China since 1951, unleashed its media—the same media that lied about WMD.

9. NONE of the media investigated the rumors.

10. NONE of our media contacted the CDC.

11. NONE of our media accurately reported Li’s encounter with the police.

12. NONE of our media told the public that, worldwide, the outbreak will kill fewer people than die of ‘flu (a Coronavirus) in one day.

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