Well written and revealing, thanks, Nicholas and Johanna.

I have a Substack https://responsiblyfree.substack.com I post on and often put comments there on a True Believer in the CCP's People's Democratic Dictatorship who worships Christ Mao--a Paul Hollander "Political Pilgrim" by the appropriate name of Jeff J. Brown(ose--cannot resist my punny poet).

I will be posting on his latest paean and genuflection to Xi on the CCP's generous support of religions in China (NOT).

Go here for a revolting article of his with my comments below:

Christian Hong Kong pastor debunks all the West’s Big Lie Propaganda Machine puke about churches in China! With informative pie chart. May 6, 2024


Get free, stay free.

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I see the possibility of a revolution of rising expectations, a rebellion against CCP control of the country.

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