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Chinese Chip Prospects + Tweets of the Week (Taylor Swift Marketing, Bob Iger, Japanese City Pop, Say Goodbye to Critical Thinking (?), Lunch Time, 草书)

A Strategic Shiraz Reserve + Tweets of the Week

Biden Will Need to Lead Congress on Xinjiang and Hong Kong

How the CCP Does Job Promotions

Huawei's Ren Zhengfei's Send Off to Honor + Tweets of the Week

NSAs Jake Sullivan + HR McMaster on China

Biden's China Policy + Tweets of the Week

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Liberalism: The Light that Failed

What Cardi B Can Teach Us About Chinese Propaganda + Tweets of The Week

China's Hopeless Twitter Influence Operations

Live Event Tues at 2:30pm EST on Xinjiang + Tweets of the Week (Pokemon Censored, QAnon and Guo Wengui, Rabbit Heads in Chicago, Sea Monsters and SOEs)

What to Do About Xinjiang

Tweets of the Week: Taiwanese Baseball Trickery, MOFA Can't Catch a Break, Baby as Mop

China's True Tech Ambitions

Wolf Warrior Diplomacy Faces a Reckoning and How the House GOP Would Take on China

Adam Tooze on World Order, Then and Now

TikTok Train Wreck: Current Deal Solves Nothing and Won't Hold

Just How Screwed is Huawei?

Why Chinese Basic Research is Failing

American Industry's Future Depends on Open Source Tech

Scholarstage on War in Taiwan, China Watchers, and Xi's Theory of History

Should Xi Prefer Trump or Biden?

TikTok, Trump as C-Rate Banker, Huawei's True Bottleneck

How Corruption Works in China

What to Do About TikTok and WeChat

What To Do About TikTok and WeChat

How Bad US Immigration Policy Helps China Get Ahead

Tweets of the Week: Vices during COVID, China's Grindr, Pokemon, Cultural Revolution, Warring States, and Tankies

HK Protests Anniversary, Missiles to Rain Down on TSMC (...?), Leaked Elite Party Grumbling on CCP "Political Zombie"

Evan Osnos on Trump and Tiananmen, Protests, and America's Place in the World

Mainland Gloats as US Rages, Will America's Protests Develop Like Hong Kong's?

Huawei Banned, So Let's Invade Taiwan to Take TSMC?

Will TSMC’s American Fab Ever Get Built?

Just How Bad is Unemployment in China?

China's AI Chips Still Have a Long Way to Go

Two Chinese Views on US-China: 'Too Soon to Decouple'

Health QR Codes 2: Rise of the "Digital Leviathan"

How China Created Its Health QR Codes

Luckin Coffee a "National Humiliation"

Chinese Commentary: "COVID-19 May Ravage America, But It Won’t Dent American Self-Confidence"

Disappeared Tycoon Ren Zhiqiang: "The Emperor Has No Clothes"

Sinocism's Bill Bishop on the Politics of the Coronavirus

‘Let America Degenerate on Its Own’: Chinese Scholar Implores CCP to Stop Spreading Conspiracies

Why are Chinese semiconductor stocks skyrocketing? 

Central Wuhan Hospital ER Head Whistleblower: "I Did What Any Doctor Would Do"

'Thanks to Coronavirus, I Realized My Spouse's Brain is Broken'

The Drivers Wuhan Counts On

‘We Won’t Last Three Months’: The Businesses Hit Hardest By Coronavirus

"The Night is Dark, but Li Wenliang is our Light"

Outraged by the Outbreak: Social Media, Citizen Journalism and Coronavirus Censorship

How The Richest Chinese Donate Their Billions

Chinese Software Wars: Microsoft Office vs Kingsoft's Word Perfect

Nobody wins a rat race

A Legal Chinese VPN? The Next Phase in Internet Censorship