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ERNIE Fails + Pirating Compute + Taiwan Foreign Relations

CHIPS Act China Guardrails: The Goldilocks Challenge

TikTok Hearing: The End of an Era

TikTok Hearing Show Live in 10 Minutes!

TikTok Live Show + AI’s Regulatory Future: EU vs. China

Kotkin on China: Communism’s Achilles’ Heel, Deterrence, and Learning from the USSR

Baidu's ERNIE: China Reacts

GPT-4: AI Unleashed?

Countdown to ERNIE: Chinese Media on Baidu’s AI Chatbot

China’s Chip Industry Dismayed by Multilateral Export Controls

Friday Bites: Tsai to Cali, CHIPS Act China Guardrails, Matsu Back on the Menu?

AI’s Regulatory Future

AI Proposals at ‘Two Sessions’: AGI as ‘Two Bombs, One Satellite’?

US vs. China Semis Industrial Policy: Tale of the Tape

China’s Censors Are Afraid of What AI Chatbots Might Say

ChatXiPT, Tweets of the Week, Three Body Problem, Trudeau Troubles, Palo Alto Meetup, Baidu vs Xiaohongshu in Search?

China CHIPS Act Guardrails—The Next Great US Policy Innovation?

How Ancient Chinese Exceptionalism Shapes China's Worldview Today

Will Xi Arm Putin? Has a Cold War Already Begun?

China's Elite on Ukraine War Anniversary

Friday Bites: ‘Asylum-Worthy’ Stand-Up, Canadian Election Interference, Fred Again in MSG

Compute and the Future of US-China Relations

AI Compute 101: The Geopolitics of GPUs

China's ChatGPT Fever

Friday Bites: China's Breaking Bad, Chaoyang Trap, Gaokao Factory, and NYC's Best Uyghur Food

BalloonTalk 2.0: What Are These Objects? US-China Relations and The Balloon Industrial Complex

China's Best New Novels According to China's Goodreads

How to Deter a War for Taiwan + The Burdens of Occupation if China Wins

War for Taiwan: What If China Wins? The Economic and Political Consequences

War in Taiwan: Could Emerging Tech Tip The Scales?

War in Taiwan: Could China Win?

Elite China Reacts to Export Controls: Japan, the Netherlands, and Huawei

BalloonTalk: Emergency Edition

Weekly Reads! Chinese AI Investment, State Dpt Memos, Peter Hessler, Tianjin and the Spring Gala

CHIPS Act: The Battle for R&D Dollars

CHIPS Act: Strategic Dilemmas in Manufacturing Incentives

Rep. Khanna on AI, China, and Industrial Policy

China's Data Policy and Digital Governance Future

China + AI = Military Advantage? Plus: DC Meetup!

Life After Zero Covid: Two Chinese Anthropologists Reflect

Semi Stories of the Year

Living with Generative AI

Cowen on China

Tyler Cowen on AI and China

ChinaTalk's Year in Review

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